Characteristics of Collagen absorbable Surgical Sutures

Jul. 02, 2018

We mainly provide absorbable Surgical Sutures and  Polydioxanone Suture. I will introduce the characteristics of Collagen absorbable Surgical Sutures

(1) This product adopts the drawing and weaving technology and has good tensile strength;

(2) Animal protein tissue extraction has good biocompatibility. It is not easy to form stones after being implanted in the human body, and is more suitable for surgical suture such as biliary tract and urinary tract;

(3) The line body is smooth, flexible and non-slip are unified, and knotting and positioning are good.

(4) When the body fluid becomes soft, it will not damage the body tissue and absorb completely, and it is not easy to leave scars.

(5) Cobalt 60 is sterilized by radiation and can be dyed and preserved. It does not degrade in the air and is easy to store.

Collagen absorbable Surgical Sutures