Characteristics of absorbable Surgical Sutures

Jul. 04, 2018

Absorbable Surgical Sutures is widely used in medical area.Do you know about the characteristics of absorbable Surgical Sutures

tensile strength.

The tensile strength is maintained for more than 5-7 days required for wound healing, and its knotting strength greatly exceeds the gut line, providing a safe safety for the patient.


No sensitization to human body, no cytotoxicity, no genotoxicity, no irritation, and can promote the ingrowth of fibrous connective tissue.

Reliable absorption

Can be absorbed by the body through hydrolysis. The body was absorbed after 15 days, and most of it was absorbed after 30 days, and completely absorbed after 60-90 days.

Easy to operate

It is soft in texture, good in hand feeling, smooth in use, low in tissue drag, easy to knot, firm, and free from disconnection. The sterilized package is opened and ready for use.

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Characteristics of absorbable Surgical Sutures