Steps to use autologous blood transfusion bags

Jul. 18, 2018

Below we will introduce the steps to use autologous blood transfusion bags to operate autologous blood therapy:

1. Remove the product from the incision and remove the product. Pull out the blood bag (bottle) puncture device sheath and puncture the device.

Insert into the blood bag socket on the blood bag and tighten it.

blood transfusion bags

2. Close the flow regulator, hang the blood bags on the hanger tube, adjust the length of the pipe, and squeeze the pipette to make

The blood in the blood bag is sucked into the dripper, and the flow word is opened to eliminate the air inside the tube. Adjust the drip level, close

The flow regulator can be used for routine venipuncture.

3 The flow rate can be controlled by the flow regulator according to the specific situation.

4 can be injected from the injection part as needed.

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