Symptoms of fever

Jun. 25, 2018

I always share some knowledege about medical knowledge such as Disposable Blood Transfusion Bags. The following i will share symptoms of fever.

Common types of fever include missed heat, remittent heat, irregular heat, and intermittent heat.

(1) The typical symptoms of missed heat: The body temperature lasts for about 39-40 °C for several days or months, and the fluctuation range for 24 hours does not exceed 1 °C. More common 

in pneumococcal pneumonia, typhoid and so on.

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(2) The typical symptoms of remittent fever: body temperature above 39 °C, temperature difference within 24h above 1 °C, body temperature is still higher than the normal level. More 

common in sepsis, rheumatic fever, purulent diseases.

(3) The typical symptoms of irregular fever: fever does not have a certain rule, and the duration is uncertain. Jin Yingjie Medical Education Xiaobian collected and found in influenza, 

cancerous fever and so on.

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