The usage of Surgical Blades

Jul. 30, 2018

Surgical Blades are widely used in medical area. We can alsp provide Absorbable Surgical Sutures. Do you know the correct usage of surgical blades?

Surgical Blades

1. Bow-type: The bow-type is the most commonly used method of knives. The range of motion is wide and flexible. The force involves the entire upper limb, mainly in the wrist. For longer skin incisions and incisions of the rectus abdominis anterior sheath.

2. Pen type: pen style is soft, flexible and accurate, easy to control the movement of the knife, its action and strength are mainly in the fingers. For short incisions and fine surgery, such as dissecting blood vessels, nerves and incision of the peritoneum.

3. Grip: Grip Hold the handle with full hand, and thumb and index finger squeeze the shank of the handle. This method is more stable. The main activity point of the operation is the shoulder joint. It is used for cutting, wide tissue, and strong force incision, such as amputation, tendon incision, and long skin incision.

4. Anti-pick: It is a form of conversion of the anti-pick type, and the blade is lifted upwards to avoid damage to the deep tissue. Pierce in the operation first, move the finger at the finger. It is used to cut open organs such as abscess, blood vessel, trachea, common bile duct or ureter, cut off the tissue of the clamp or enlarge the skin incision.