How Much Do You Know About Surgical Scar?

Mar. 05, 2018

When the dermal layer of our skin is traumatized, it is normal to leave a scar. Age, pigment, skin tension and infection and many other factors determine the scars of beauty and ugliness. Often, the larger the wound, the more stitches the needle will have and the longer the scar will be. Scar width is due to the skin's own tension or foreign body caused by the fall of the infection caused. 2 to 3 weeks after the wound, the wound began to scarring, this time the affected area redness, purple, stiff, after a period of scarring and skin surface, which is the result of scar hyperplasia, three months after the proliferation of fibrous tissue behavior Gradually stop, scars gradually softened, flattened, the color becomes brown, and occasionally itchy feeling. In some degrees, the surgical scar is related with the surgical sutures. High quality surgical sutures are key factors.

Suggestions: Scar types, parts are different, different pathologies, the treatment used is not the same. Can effectively control scar hyperplasia drugs is very small, choose anti-scar medicine must be careful. Some drugs will actually stimulate scar hyperplasia. We can provide high quality absorbable surgical sutures. More knowledge about surgical scar and absorbable sutures welcome contact us.

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