What Are the Advantages of Medical Silk Sutures?

Jan. 20, 2018

Medical suture requirements: 1. In the wound healing process to maintain sufficient strength, but also should be able to stretch to adapt to wound edema, and with the retraction of the wound and back to its original length. 2. After wound healing it can self-degradation absorption, no longer leave foreign body. 3. Does not produce inflammation. 4. Non-irritating and carcinogenic. 5. Easy dyeing, sterilization, disinfection and other treatment. 6. Can form a secure knot. 7. Easy production, low prices, mass production.

Absorbable sutures: Suture also known as natural collagen sutures, from animal tendon tissue of special animals, with many features of the collagen material, and compared with other suture has good absorption, strong pull, promote wound healing and other unique features.

Plain Catgut Sutures

Chemical synthesis line: It is the product of the development of chemical technology, with the characteristics of easy production and low cost.

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