Announcements of Blood Tests

Feb. 11, 2018

Blood tests use Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, Butterfly Type Blood Collection Needle and so on.

Butterfly type blood collection needle

1, Do not eat three days before the blood greasy, high protein foods, to avoid heavy drinking (because the blood alcohol content will directly affect the test results), to maintain the law of daily life.

2. Blood the day before the request of nine o'clock in the morning before fasting blood, too late, because of the physiological effects of endocrine hormones, so that blood glucose is distorted, affecting blood results. Try to wear loose clothes when pumping blood, to avoid the oppression of the arm meridians.

3. Do not knead the pinhole parts, so as to avoid subcutaneous hematoma. If the blood at a small piece of silt, tenderness, please do not panic, can be done after 24 hours hot compress to promote congestion.

4. After blood clotting symptoms such as: dizziness, vertigo, weakness, etc. should be immediately supine, drink a small amount of sugar until the symptoms ease and then physical examination.

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