Application Of Absorbable Surgical Sutures In Surgery

Aug. 13, 2018

The Absorbable Surgical Sutures always use in surgery. Because the absorbable surgical suture can be degraded and absorbed by the human body, and there is no need to remove the thread, and a new type of suture material is used to avoid the pain of the suture removal.

But the surgery not only use the absorbable surgical suture, also use the other surgical sutures. Such as non-absorbable suture, and so on. The absorbable suture also can divide into many types:

1. Sheep gut: It is made from the healthy animal sheep and goat intestines and contains collagen components. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the thread after suturing. The length of time required for absorption depends on the thickness of the gut and the condition of the tissue. At present, the gut is made of disposable aseptic packaging, which is convenient to use.

2, chemical synthesis line: a polymer linear material made by modern chemical technology, through the process of drawing, coating and other processes, generally absorbed within 60-90 days, absorption stability. If it is the cause of the production process, there are other non-degradable chemical components, the absorption is not complete.

3, pure natural collagen suture: taken from the special animal raccoon tendon, high natural collagen content, the production process without the participation of chemical components, has the characteristics of collagen; for the current true fourth Generation of sutures. It has complete absorption, high tensile strength, good biocompatibility, and promotes cell growth. According to the thickness of the line body, it is generally absorbed for 8-15 days, and the absorption is stable and reliable, and there is no obvious individual difference.

Absorbable Surgical Sutures