Blood Bag Return and Preservation Management System

Mar. 03, 2018

Maybe you often hear of Disposable Blood Bags, Standard Blood Bag. Then do you know the return and preservation management system of blood bags?

First, to ensure clinical blood transfusion, reduce the incidence of blood-borne diseases, strict implementation of the blood bag recycling registration system. Second, the patient after the blood transfusion, the nurse on duty will be punctured blood bag prick needle at the fold, and paste with paste to prevent the outflow of residual blood. The blood bag marked department, recipient name, returned within 1h blood transfusion department. Third, clinical nurses timely fill in the blood bag registration form. Fourth, blood transfusion staff and clinical nurses carefully check the blood bags, the two sides signed, the blood bag into the central storage container. Fifth, send the number of blood bags and the number of blood bags returned after blood transfusion must be consistent. Sixth, focus on retention 24 hours later, blood transfusion officers will be blood bags according to the requirements of hospital infection management, storage, full-time staff to deal with harmless.

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