Blood Collection Precautions

Oct. 25, 2017

In vascular surgery, hematological examination is mainly used to assess the patient's blood physiological status, a variety of drug treatment monitoring and efficacy evaluation.

From the collection of specimens to the laboratory testing process, should try to reduce the unnecessary interference factors to improve the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Butterfly Type Blood Collection Needle

First, the state of the subject

In the blood before the patient should understand whether there is pregnancy, vigorous activities, taking aspirin or contraceptive drugs; whether congenital or acquired coagulation factor deficiency. In particular, should pay attention to whether the liver disease, or cause vitamin K and vitamin C absorption or use Obstructive diseases. These factors will affect the results of hematological testing. In addition, it is best to take blood on fasting.

Second, the collection and transfer of blood samples

Collection and delivery of blood samples includes the following.

(1) Collection blood samples, the syringe must be clean, dry, blood collection when the best puncture success. First with a syringe puncture to take a small amount of blood, and then change the syringe to take blood samples, in order to minimize the mixing of tissue fluid. In the blood collection process, pay attention to not make blood from the bubble or coagulation.

(2) The proportion of blood samples and anticoagulants should be accurate, generally 9: 1. Test tube also need to clean, dry, blood should be removed after the syringe needle, along the wall slowly into the blood sample. Blood should be mixed evenly with the anticoagulant, but need to avoid shaking vigorously. Blood samples for platelet function tests, preferably with silicone-coated utensils. Other tests should be based on specific requirements, select the appropriate test tube and sample dose.

(3) The general specimen is best to immediately check. Can not be timely transfer, but also in the time required for inspection within the inspection.

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