Blood Specimen Collection Method

Mar. 31, 2018

1. Venous blood sampling

2. Arterial blood sampling

Radial arteries, femoral arteries, iliac arteries, and any other part of the arteries can be used as blood collection points, but the iliac arteries and iliac arteries are mostly selected. After touching the obvious pulse, sterilize as usual, fix the pulse at the left hand, hold the syringe in the right hand, and pierce the needle at a 60° angle. The blood will automatically enter the syringe.

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

3. Vacuum blood sampling

One end of the two-way needle is inserted into the vacuum tube, and the other end is inserted into the vein with the help of the needle holder. The blood automatically flows into the tube under negative pressure. Since blood is taken in a completely closed state, contamination caused by blood spillage is avoided, and it is conducive to specimen transport and preservation. The standard vacuum blood collection tube adopts the international common head cap and label color to show the type of blood collection agent and test use.

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