Blood Specimens Precautions

Apr. 13, 2018

We have know that in last news, blood collection need vacuum blood collection tube, butterfly type blood collection needle and blood lancet. In this news, we will talk about the blood specimens precautions.

(1) Many biochemical components are affected by diet. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether the patient has fasted before blood sampling.

(2) Avoid congestion and blood concentration: The blood should be taken quickly, and the tourniquet use time should be as short as possible. It is advisable to use the tourniquet for no more than half a minute, otherwise the biochemical results will increase or decrease.

(3) If the patient is undergoing intravenous infusion, it is not appropriate to take blood from the ipsilateral arm of the infusion; if the female patient has undergone mastectomy, blood should be taken from the contralateral arm of the operation.

Butterfly Type Blood Collection Needle

(4) The position of the blood: Changes in body position can cause a series of physiological changes and change many indicators in the blood. Take blood from upright position, and the measured value of the second specimen is 5% to 15% higher than that of supine position. Therefore, when taking blood, it is necessary to maintain the correct posture (sitting or lying position) and the consistency of posture.

(5) Blood can only be pumped out and must not be pushed into the vein in order to avoid injecting air and forming a gas embolism and causing serious consequences.

(6) Prevent hemolysis: The factors that cause hemolysis include syringes and containers that are not dry and dirty; punctures are not smooth, tissue damage is excessive; congestion is too long; blood is drawn too fast; blood is not removed when the needle is injected into the container or injected Excessive speed produces a lot of bubbles; shocks are too severe and so on. If blood is taken from an ordinary syringe and blood is not injected directly into the vacuum tube, it is also prone to hemolysis. Hemolysis in the body is a qualified specimen, but it should be noted on the report sheet.