How to Deal With Blood Bag After Blood Transfusion?

Mar. 15, 2018

Recover blood bags management system

1. When the blood transfusion department issues blood products, it is divided into two categories according to the direction of distribution: the operating room and the various wards.

2. The blood transfusion department shall strictly follow the barcode number on the blood bag for the blood products to be released, record them one by one in the outbound register, and record the wards and signatures;

3, Wards, operating rooms in the patient after the completion of blood transfusion, keep the blood bag at 4 °C refrigerator twenty-four hours. After being destroyed, it was soaked in 2000mg/L available chlorine for 60 minutes, and was put into a yellow plastic bag and sent to the blood bank.

Blood Bags

4. The blood bags returned by the blood bank to the wards and operating rooms, and blood bags that have been destroyed and soaked, are recorded on the recovery registration book and are recorded on the floor of the ward and signed.

5. The blood bank at the time of each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and afternoon follows the timing of the issue and recovery of blood products, and then checks and counts the number of recovered blood bags and records them on the dedicated register.

6. Consolidate the above figures together and send them to the designated location of the hospital for centralized collection and processing. The Supply Section will sign the special registration form.

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