Disinfection Process of Surgical Instrument

Oct. 31, 2017

Like the scalpel of such medical equipment, a total of about 30 off to re-use. Including physical, chemical, biological three types of monitoring, each step has a strict and detailed records.

Equipment recovery

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Category cleaning

After hand washing into the automatic washing machine

Before cleaning, the staff according to the material of the equipment, the degree of precision classification. The scalpel was put together, and the single sheared was placed on a stent, half-separated, so that it was cleaned for a greater amount.

Disinfection and maintenance

On the mineral oil maintenance anti-rust

After the cleaning process, the scalpel into the high temperature and heat disinfection procedures. At this time, the temperature reached 93 ℃, and lasted 5 minutes. After the hot and humid disinfection after the scalpel but also on the oil maintenance, to prevent rust.

Surgical Blades

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Get a closer look under the magnifying glass

The staff placed the scalpel in a magnification of five to ten times under the magnifying glass, through the magnifying glass, the scalpel every small part can see very clearly, the scalpel if there is no residual material and rust, no damage, then smooth Passed inspection.

High temperature sterilization

132 ℃ high temperature 10 minutes sterilization

The whole process has gone through 30 links

Although the whole process of disinfection and sterilization is very strict, but in order to ensure the desired results, but also through three types of monitoring. The first is physical monitoring, that is, concerned about the operation of the machine. Followed by chemical methods, that is, observe the chemical instructions into the packet card, the indicator bar from the white to black, then the standard.

And then biological monitoring, each week should be a regular bacteria into the sterilization cabinet, and sterile package together for sterilization.

After the full cooling, the scalpel lying in the sterile bag once again become clean.

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