Disposable Plastic Blood Bag

Aug. 13, 2018

Product performance and features:

The disposable Plastic Blood Bag is mainly composed of a blood collection bag, a transfer bag and a blood preservation solution of a corresponding specification and variety. The single bag is used for whole blood collection, preservation and infusion, and is composed of a plastic container containing blood preservation liquid, a blood collection tube, a blood collection needle and a blood transfusion socket; the multi-bag is mainly used for collecting and separating whole blood. The blood components such as red blood cell suspension, plasma, and concentrated platelets are stored and infused, and are composed of a blood collection bag and a plurality of transfer bags.

Strictly adhere to standard production, the product is safe and effective, and has high transparency; it can accurately control blood components during collection, separation and infusion, and select appropriate blood.

The liquid preservation solution makes the blood storage period valid for 35 days.

Complete closed system to avoid bacterial contamination during blood storage and cross-infection in collection, separation and infusion.

16G or 18G imported ultra-thin blood collection needle to minimize the pain of blood donors; broken obstruction to ensure the separation and quality of blood components; twisted blood transfusion socket, convenient for the infusion of clinical blood components.

High-pressure steam sterilization to ensure that the product is non-toxic, sterile and other biochemical indicators.

The self-made medical PVC blood bag material with intellectual property is used to ensure that the blood bag does not deform during the preparation of blood components and does not rupture after storage at low temperature.

The blown film blood bag and the calendered blood bag can meet the needs of different customers.

Plastic Blood Bag