Do You Know Leukocyte Filer System?

Mar. 22, 2018

Leukocyte Filer System is a medical treatment device that filters out substances in the blood. Including puncture needle, Leukocyte filer system device and blood bags. The leukocyte filter device consists of a liquid inlet chamber, a filter layer and a liquid outlet chamber. The inlet chamber and the outlet chamber are respectively located on both sides of the filter layer. The filtration layer in the leukocyte filtration device is a two-layer structure composed of organic fibers having different pore sizes, the maximum pore diameter of the fiber layer on the inlet side is 45 μm, and the maximum pore diameter of the fiber layer on the outlet side is 25 μm. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, the blood to be filtered evenly passes through the double-layer filter material, and the leukocyte filtration rate and the red blood cell recovery rate are improved, the leukocyte filtration rate can reach 99.99%, and the red blood cell recovery rate can reach over 90%. The indicators are better than national industry standards and the basic standards for blood stations promulgated by the Ministry of Health.

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Leukocyte Filer System