Features of Absorbable Sutures

May. 17, 2018

We export Absorbable Sutures made in China. In this news, we will talk about features of absorbable sutures.

Tensile strength

The duration of tensile strength exceeds the 5-7 days required for wound healing, and its knotting strength greatly exceeds the gut line, providing patients with safety protection.


No sensitization reaction to human body, no cytotoxicity, no genetic toxicity, no stimulation, and can promote fibrous connective tissue ingrowth.

Reliable and reliable

Absorbable sutures can be absorbed by the body through hydrolysis. After being implanted in the body for 15 days, it began to absorb. After 30 days, it was mostly absorbed and completely absorbed in 60-90 days.

Easy to operate

Soft, feel good, smooth when used, low tissue drag, easy knotting, firmness, no worries. The sterilized package is ready for use and is easy to use.

Absorbable Sutures