What are the Features of Leukocyte Filters?

Jan. 13, 2018

Blood filters have the following features / leukocyte filters

1. Reliable and stable leukocyte efficiency, WBC residual average 2.5-5 * 105

2. Easy operation, direct blood and platelet rapid exhaust without saline exhaust and saline flushing after transfusion

3. Maximum blood and platelet recovery, to AABB standards

4. Unique round shell design, filter area to achieve maximum

Leukocyte Filter System

Clinical studies using filters demonstrate / leukocyte filters system

Effective removal of leucocytes, can reduce the allogeneic immune-induced platelet transfusion invalid, thus reducing the amount of platelets.

Efficient leukocyte filtration can be equivalent to CMV serological tests in order to achieve the purpose of preventing CMV infection caused by blood transfusion.

Leukocyte Filters can reduce the incidence of postoperative infection caused by blood transfusion.

Leukocyte Filters can significantly reduce the incidence of adverse reactions caused by blood transfusion.