How to Prevent Appendicitis in Daily Life?

Jan. 17, 2018

How to prevent appendicitis in daily life, which is a lot of patients want to know, appendicitis we are no stranger to, appendicitis common high incidence of disease, appendicitis refers to the appendix due to a variety of factors and inflammatory changes. Common symptoms of lower right abdominal pain, temperature, vomiting! Here we look at how to prevent appendicitis in daily life.

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1, Be careful not to rush after dinner.

2, Summer heat to avoid over-greed, in particular, should not drink cold beer, and other cold drinks.

3, Usually pay attention not to eat too fatty food, avoid eating irritating. This is one of the preventive measures of appendicitis.

4, You should actively participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity.

5, If there is a history of chronic appendicitis, should pay attention to avoid recurrence, timely treatment, and usually to keep the stool.

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