Introduction of Absorbable Sutures22

Sep. 21, 2017

1. Natural absorbable sutures catgut: to gut submucosa or bovine intestine as raw material, containing 90% collagen, the chromium salt solution after treatment called chromicized catgut, digestive enzymes function against the body, the actual absorption time is extended to 90 days or more.

Specifications: 5-0,4-0 ~ 1,2, etc., with aluminum foil disinfection soft package, there are 2 ml protection liquid.

2. Polyglycolic, acid, PGA is glycolic acid polymer, non-toxic, non collagenous, no antigenicity, no carcinogenicity, very low tissue reaction.

3. Polyglactin 910, PGLA absorbs fastest in absorbable sutures and is mainly used for suture of skin and mucosa.

4. Polydioxanone suture, PDS suture is the only way to provide long time wound support absorbable suture, set soft, pliable and monofilament structure features in one, decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

Absorbable Sutures

PDS PGA suture and PGLA suture, compared with minimal damage to the tissue suture, suture tissue reaction light, mainly used for healing time longer or slow to heal tissues and organs, especially in the alkaline digestion liquid remaining in the lumen, such as anastomosis, gallbladder suture.

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