Introduction of Carbon Steel Surgical Blades

Jan. 29, 2018

Carbon Steel Surgical Blades performance:

1. Carbon Steel Surgical Blades heat treatment, hardness of not less than 750HV10 carbon steel, stainless steel not less than 650 HV10;

2. Sharp blade edge, cutting 3-0 suture, the cutting force is not greater than 0.8N;

3. Carbon Steel Surgical Blades and YY0175 stipulated in the corresponding specifications with the handle, the insertion and removal should be easy;

4. Blade surface roughness Ra is not greater than 0.4um, cutting edge surface roughness Ra is not greater than 0.8um;

5. Carbon Steel Surgical Blades have good flexibility;

6. Carbon Steel Surgical Blades should be sterile.

Carbon Steel Surgical Blades use:

This product is used for surgical cutting soft tissue.

Carbon Steel Blades reaction:

This product may have a local irritation and human exposure may occur in the event of adverse reactions should be immediately discontinued.

Warning: Blade breakage is forbidden to use.

Carbon Steel Surgical Blades

Operation methods of Carbon Steel Surgical Blades:

1. The minimum package should be checked before use without damage, found damaged packaging, the blade should be re-sterilized before use.

2. Tear the plastic bag, remove the aluminum bag and aluminum bag inside the blade should be aseptic practices.

3. Remove the blade, the blade surface should be checked for cracks, rust, edge notch, if found to be discarded should not be used.

a) 9 to 16 blades are small and should be used with 3 surgical handles.

18 to 36 blade for the large size, should be used in conjunction with the 4 scalpel handle.

b) The blades are gamma-sterilized and do not need to be sterilized when used, but observe the Sterility Practices when removing the blades.

Notes for Carbon Steel Surgical Blades:

1. Before use should check the expiration date or expiration date, beyond the validity period shall not be used.

2. After use of the blade can not be used again for others.

3. Blade should be stored in dry place, not with corrosive gas, liquid contact, to avoid rust.

4. Remove the blade and use the collision edge or cutting hard objects, so as not to bump edge.

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