Is There The Best Season For Blood Donation?

Mar. 19, 2018

Donation of blood regardless of time, place, and gender, season.

As long as blood donors feel in good health, they can perform collections. Besides, the individual conditions of each person are very different. Some people have a good spirit in spring and summer, and some people like autumn and winter. As long as you feel that your health is OK, you can go for help. There is no need to choose time and place. However, women should pay attention to: Don’t donate blood before menstruation and within three days after coming.

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Normal blood donors should pay attention to diet and nutrition, eat lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products, vegetables and fruits. Drink more water on the same day, but do not eat too much. After blood donation, in order to prevent needle eye infection, donors should pay attention not to let the needle eye water within 1-2 days, keep it clean. Don't participate in strenuous exercise or overnight recreational activities on the day after blood donation. Healthy blood donors will be allowed to participate in the next compulsory donation after 6 months.

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