Knowledge about Blood Bags Label

Apr. 09, 2018

There are different kinds of blood bags. How much do you know about the blood bags label?

In addition to the name, sex, number, blood type, date of blood collection, and shelf-life of blood donors, the contents of the blood bag label should include the results of various routine physical examinations for blood donors, approval numbers and hygiene permits obtained from blood stations or blood collection agencies; Department; If there is a certified certification organization can be written on the blood bag label or blood bag should have instructions and precautions, including: 1 This blood (or products) can not be used if the following conditions (such as severe lipemia, hemolysis, There are clots and foreign bodies); 2 blood bags are damaged, the contents of the labels are unclear; 3 this blood (or products) must be used under the guidance of a doctor, if abnormal reactions should be reported to the relevant departments, immediately stop using; 4 strengthen environmental protection, Blood bag recycling and so on.

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