Do You Know the Main Function of Blood?

Dec. 29, 2017

1, Transport function: through the cycle, the blood can be the body's oxygen, glucose, amino acids, lipids, salts, vitamins and hormones, transported to the body part of the tissue cells; and metabolites, such as carbon dioxide, uric acid, Urea, transported to the excretory organs and excreted, so as to ensure the normal organization of cell metabolism.

Do You Know the Main Function of Blood?

2, Maintain the steady state of the environment

Blood through the plasma and red blood cells in the buffer system to maintain the relative stability of the internal pH; through the blood and the relationship between endocrine organs and excretory organs to maintain the internal environment of water, electrolyte relative balance; timely through the blood of the heat generated during the metabolism Removed to the skin to maintain a relatively constant body temperature.

3, Defense and protection functions

Plasma contains a variety of immune substances, such as anti-toxins, bacteriocins, etc., can fight against or destroy foreign bacteria and toxins; blood leukocytes, such as granulocytes, monocytes, foreign microorganisms and necrotic tissue in vivo phagocytosis and decomposition effect.

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