Microelement Test by Blood

Nov. 28, 2017

Microelement in the human body plays an extremely important role, its lack and excess and human health are closely related.

Blood collection, desirable venous blood or peripheral blood.

Microelement in the human body is low and is susceptible to various types of contamination during the sample collection process. Therefore, extra careful monitoring of trace elements in blood samples is required. In addition to the Ministry of Health "Blood Lead Clinical Laboratory Technical Specifications" made on the sample collection requirements, but also through regular checks after the qualified trace elements dedicated test tube, and immediately with inert and non-polluting material sealed test tube to eliminate The impact of the container itself on the test results.

Blood tests easily contaminated, resulting in cross-infection, sampling inconvenient, reflecting the body's trace elements within a short period of time, subject to diet, disease, greater impact, only as a clinical guide.

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