What Should You Pay Attention To Before and After Blood Donation?

Oct. 27, 2017

Before the blood donation need attention

At least 18 years of age.

Male weight greater than 50KG, female body weight greater than 45KG.

There is no cold and acute gastroenteritis in a week, no medication.

No drinking within 24 hours.

Did not stay up all night before.

Do not fasting, blood donation before eating, do not eat oil food.

Women are not during menstruation period and 3 days before and after this time.

Bring the ID card.

Blood Transfusion System

After blood donation note:

Do not touch the raw water before the needle.

2 days do not engage in heavy physical labor and intense sports.

Do not use the blood of the arm to lift the weight within 24 hours.

Drink more water.

Appropriate rest, do not stay up all night.

Normal diet, do not have to deliberately tonic.

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