Reasons People Receive Transfusions

Sep. 27, 2017

Blood transfusions are a very common medical procedure. Here are the reasons that a patient may undergo a blood transfusion:

1. Most patients who have a major surgical procedure, will have a blood transfusion to replace any blood loss during their surgery.

2. Blood transfusions are used for patients whom have experienced serious injuries from car crashes or natural disasters.

3. Individuals with an illness that causes anemia, such as leukemia or kidney disease will often be the recipients of blood transfusions.

Blood Transfusions System

The process of blood transfusions:


Like most medical procedures, a blood transfusion will take place at a hospital or doctor’s office.

Before the Procedure

A nurse or doctor will check the patient’s blood pressure, pulse, and temperature before starting the transfusion.

During the Procedure

The blood transfusion procedure begins when an intravenous (IV) line is placed onto the patient’s body. It is through the IV that the patient will begin to receive the new blood. Depending on the amount of blood, a simple blood transfusion can take between 1-4 hours.

After the Procedure

Following the completion of the blood transfusion, the patient’s vital signs are checked and the IV is removed. For a couple of days after the transfusion, patients may experience some soreness near the puncture for the IV. The patient’s doctor may request a checkup after the transfusion to see the body’s reaction to the new blood.

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