Special Infection Surgery Requirements

Nov. 21, 2017

1. For patients with tetanus and Clostridium muscular necrosis (gas gangrene), the objects that can be moved in the operating room should be moved outside before surgery. The unmovable things are covered with large sheets. Prepare two bottles of disinfectant to wipe hands and other items.

2. Supplied by outdoor professionals. Inside and outside staff, the material can not be mixed to avoid cross-contamination. Indoor workers wear gloves and gowns.

3. After surgery, all contaminated items were soaked in disinfectant to the specified time, and then sterilized by pressure or boiled disinfection. Dyed cloth, respectively, with a large clean single package, after sterilization sent to wash.

4. Gauze and other small dressings and specimens can be sent to the designated place for deep burial or incineration. Mop by the effective disinfectant treatment before use.

5. Surgical grounds and walls below 1m, operating table, flat car, equipment vehicles and other items are scrub disinfectant, placed in the room with the seal disinfection.

6. Surgery according to conventional air disinfection.

7. All participating operatives should soak their hands before leaving the operation room to take off polluting clothes and change cleaning shoes at the door to go out. After changing masks, hats and bathing, they can participate in other work.

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