Surgical Suture Selection Principle

Jan. 03, 2018

1, The wound reaches the maximum strength, no longer need to suture. Therefore: Sutures with a non-absorbable suture or a longer-lasting absorbable suture should be used to suture tissue that heal slowly (eg, skin, fascia, tendons, etc); use resorbable sutures to suture tissues that heal faster (eg, stomach , Colon, bladder, etc.).

2, The organization of foreign body can make the contamination into infection. Therefore: Avoid using multifilament sutures when suturing contaminated wounds; use single-fiber sutures or resorbable sutures instead.

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3, In emphasizing the beauty of the site, should pay attention to the precise but a long time to co-organization, to avoid the use of various stimuli. Therefore: Use the smallest, non-reactive monofilament sutures (eg, nylon, polypropylene); Suture hypodermis as much as possible; apply sterile skin-care tape as the case permits.

4, In urinary tract and biliary surgery, should be used absorbable suture.

5, On the choice of suture models: the use of suture tissue and the strength of the smallest match the suture.

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