Time of Removing Sutures

Nov. 17, 2017

Surgical sutures can generally be divided into two categories: absorbable sutures and non-absorbable sutures. Absorbable catgut is a tissue that can be absorbed by the human, so it do not need to stitches after stitching. Non-absorbable sutures can not be absorbed by our body, so it need to be taken out.

Non-absorbable sutures

Specific stitching time is different due to the different parts of the suture and the wound of patient's situation. When the wound is healing good and infection-free: face and neck 4 to 5 days stitches; lower abdomen, perineum 6 to 7 days; Chest, upper abdomen, back, buttocks 7 to 9; limbs 10 to 12, near the joints can be extended some, suture line 14 days before suture removal.

Extending the stitching time could be considered if malnutrition, incision tension and other special circumstances may be considered. Teenagers can shorten the stitching time. the old, people with diabetes and chronic diseases can delay the stitching time. If there are red, swollen, hot, pain and other obvious infection after the operation, it should be stitched ahead of schedule.

non-absorbable sutures

In case of the following circumstances, should be delayed stitches

1. Severe anemia, weight loss, mild cachexia.

2. Serious dehydration or water and electrolyte imbalance have not been corrected.

3. Elderly patients and infants.

4. Cough without control, thoracic, abdominal incision should be delayed stitches.