The Use of Surgical Scalpel Handle

Sep. 19, 2017

The outer surface of the surgical scalpel handle belongs to a basic surgical instrument. Our surgical knife handle has some advantages of surgical instruments, flexible operation, the head smooth, no front edge, burr, crack, can reduce the surgical trauma, relieve the pain of patients. Damage to patients is very small, high security.

1.When the handle is engaged with the surgical blade, the removal should be easy.

2.The outer surface of the scalpel is no light and its surface roughness Ra (except neck and side chamfered) shall not be greater than 0.8 μm.

3.Shapes contour outline should be clear, can not have front edge, burr.

4.Knife handle handle flowers should be clear, there should be no flowers, burnt flowers.

5.The scale of the shank should be clear and complete.

Surgical Scalpel Handle