What is The Color of Normal Blood?

Feb. 23, 2018

When we draw blood, we can see different colors of blood, there are deep and shallow. So what is the color of normal blood?

Normal dark red vein blood, arterial bleeding more bright red color, and faster, mostly spray-like. Blood dark red, thick consider venous blood, may also be high blood lipids, lack of water, blood concentration and so on. We should maintain a reasonable diet, drink plenty of water, go to the hospital when necessary to check blood, blood lipids, etc. to exclude hyperlipidemia. Recommend that you a reasonable diet, nutrition, drink plenty of water, quit smoking and drinking, eat more fruits and vegetables, life and rest rules, proper physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Xingliao provides high quality and safe blood transfusion bags and other sets. We are reliable Blood Transfusion Bags Manufacturer & Blood Transfusion Sets Wholesaler.

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