Blood Bag Product Introdction

Jul. 06, 2017


The high quality blood bags are designed for most secure blood collection, separation, preservation and transfusion.

FosMedic® provides you with the widest range of blood collection systems adaptable to each need; 

from simple blood pack systems to blood bags including filters for leucoreduction.



*Conventional or T&B (Top&Bottom)systems available.

*Highly transparent Roll welding or Blow extruded Medical grade PVC material

*High quality, peel-resistant label provides for convenient writing.

*Ultra-thin walled 16G Venipuncture needle is optimal for reducing donor pain.

*CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant preservation for 35 days or 42 days whole blood storage respectively.

*Easy to break off the valve allows plasma transfer to both directions freely.

*Round bag shape for increased yield of blood components during separation.

*Safe and easy-to-open out-let port design provides protection from contamination.

*Sterilized by steam, Sterile,non-toxic,non-pyrogenic.

*Extrusion type and roll welding type blood bags can satisfy different costumers' requests.


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